Portugal 2020 | Huub - Evolve your Brand
HUUB - Evolve your brand

Portugal 2020

Portugal 2020

Portugal 2020

Designated Project | Aggregatetomorrow Digital Economy Strategy

Project Code | NORTE-02-0651-FEDER-004872

Principle Objective | Reinforcing Competitiveness of SME

Intervention Region | North

Beneficiary Entity| Aggregatomorrow Consulting Lda


Approval Date | 14-08-2015

Initial Date | 23-08-2015

Conclusion Date | 22-08-2016

Total Eligible Cost | 19.500,00 EUR

Financial Support from the European Union | FEDER – 14.625,00 EUR

This project’s main objective was to provide the necessary tools to create and enhance our online presence via the website channels, Facebook and LinkedIn. With this endowment, we intend to increase our brand projection and notoriety, improve target audience segmentation and establish a closer relationship with the target audience. The creation of this strong digital presence allowed us greater accessibility, usability and promotion with our clients and stakeholders, mainly because we were able to reach the intended target audience.

With the implementation of the Website and consequent reinforcement of our presence in social networks, we achieved the expected results:

– Increased brand awareness;

– Increased sales volumes through new leads captured via the website and Facebook page;

– Capture the desired Human Resources via LinkedIn.

This project was vital to the creation and optimization of our communication channels, as it permitted us to improve the communication with our clients, aligning with our internal marketing strategy.